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Welcome to Gladstone Mindcare's online hub, a space for the Gladstone community to access information, connection to existing mental health and wellbeing supports and be involved and connected with the Gladstone Mindcare hub.

Gladstone Mindcare promotes improved mental health and wellbeing by empowering our community through education, information and connectivity to achieve our Vision of a community that is mentally well, resilient and stigma free.


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Welcome to our online community – a virtual gathering place to connect and collaborate, stay up to date on what we are doing and access mental health, alcohol and other drugs support services. You can join the conversations through forums, polls, idea walls and feedback forms. To help shape the health and wellbeing future of Gladstone, we enc...
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Gladstone Region Awareness of Suicide Prevention Network (GRASP) aims to promote suicide prevention initiatives throughout the communities within the Gladstone Region. As well as providing information and resources with a focus on events and education, GRASP develops and provides training opportunities and capability building for suicide prevention...
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Gladstone Mindcare is here to support the work our community has called for to create social impact through collective action. As a local backbone team, we bring together research, local leaders, community and organisations to work collaboratively on initiatives that empower the Gladstone community to achieve measurable long-term system change and ...
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