Collective Action, Social Impact

Gladstone Mindcare is here to support the work our community has called for to create social impact through collective action. As a local backbone team, we bring together research, local leaders, community and organisations to work collaboratively on initiatives that empower the Gladstone community to achieve measurable long-term system change and improved wellbeing for the Gladstone community. More information on Collective Impact here.

Community Action Plan Approved

We are excited to announce the Gladstone Local Drug Action Team’s most recent Community Action Plan has been approved by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. The Recovery Forward initiative will support ten individuals with lived experience of mental health and/or substance use to obtain a qualification in Peer Work, connect with others who also have lived experience and encourage hope in others. More information on the Gladstone Local Drug Action Team here.

Our Activities

We support a number of working groups and action teams working on activities that seek to address identified areas for improvement in our community. Our working groups and action teams:

Join our Movement!

We invite you to express your interest in becoming a member of Working Groups and/or Action Teams to share your views and participate in improving the mental health, alcohol and other drugs support system in our region.

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  • 2008

    Vision 2028 consultation process identified health as a significant community need.

  • 2012
    • Rio Tinto Community Relations carried out consultation with local health stakeholders
    • Rio Tinto Here for Health Committee formed
  • 2013

    Rio Tinto Here for Health Planning Workshop.

  • 2014

    One Gladstone Health Plan (completed by Carramar Consulting).

  • 2016
    • Rio Tinto Here for Health Planning Retreat 
    • Mental health, alcohol & other drugs identified as a priority area
  • 2017
    • Rio Tinto MHAOD Sub-Committee formed
    • Planning workshop with stakeholders to develop 2017-2019 plan
  • 2018
    • Project Manager commenced
    • Place -based research on mental health, alcohol and other drugs
    • Met with service providers, government, consumers & community
    • Service mapping
  • 2019
    • Mental health, alcohol and other drugs Report published
    • Business Case on next steps approved by Rio Tinto Here for Gladstone Board
    • Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs Operational Working Group established
    • Formed Gladstone Local Drug Action Team (LDAT)
    • Joined Queensland Council of Social Services Place-Based Community of Practice
    • Gladstone Local Drug Action Team supported delivery of drug and alcohol education at Tannum Sands State High School
    • Collective Action Social Impact Ltd established as a not for profit charity
  • 2020
    • Collective Action Social Impact Ltd Strategic Business Plan developed
    • 3 year funding commitment from Rio Tinto secured
    • Gladstone Foundation funding application approved
    • Purchase of 147 Goondoon Street, Gladstone
    • Design and development of website and online 'triage' to support information and access
    • Secure medium & long -term funding
    • Stage 1 fit out of Mindcare Hub
  • 2021 & Beyond
    • Official opening of Gladstone Mindcare Hub
    • Launch of online Engagement platform
    • Establish community representative committee
    • Continue to address opportunities for improvement identified in MHAOD Report
    • Gladstone Local Drug Action Team Recovery: Forward initiative
    • Secure medium & long -term funding
    • Continue our collective impact journey

The mental health alcohol and other drugs project was created in response to community concern about mental health, alcohol and other drugs. In 2018, place-based research was undertaken to collect statistical data and consult with service providers, government, consumers and community to undertake service mapping and to fully understand the mental health, alcohol and other drug needs in the Gladstone community.  Findings of this research can be found here

In order to address the identified current and future needs of mental health, alcohol and other drugs support a Working Group was established to develop a community-led response which includes:

An integrated, collaborative service gateway providing information and referral to mental health, alcohol and other drugs support to complement and support existing services to achieve an integrated and coordinated mental health, alcohol and other drugs service system for Gladstone.

Creating a movement to tackle both immediate need as well as long term solutions by using the collective impact approach.

It was identified that for collective impact effort to be effective, backbone support is needed to foster the cross-sector communication, alignment and collaboration.

Collective Action Social Impact Ltd was established as a backbone organisation – a ‘container for change’ to cultivate collaboration and align partners to move in concert towards shared goals. 

More recently, Collective Action Social Impact Ltd, operating as Gladstone Mindcare, is driving community engagement that goes beyond co-design processes to an ongoing dialogue among the community and with partners about our shared aspirations and how to achieve them.

Our story is far from complete, in fact we are just getting started.  We have an ambitious agenda to keep driving change.  You can read about our latest initiatives here